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Success is a Choice – Rick Pitino

Image With Final 4 right around the corner I had Rick Pitino’s book ‘Success is a Choice’ lined up to read.  And if things went according to my bracket (Louisville in the Final 4), it would have made a lot more sense.  However, one of ex players is still coaching in the dance, so it made enough sense to me. Billy Donovan, at Florida, was mentioned in the book a couple times for being I slow, overweight kid, who finally got it and was able to succeed at the D1 Level.  What was it he finally got? He understood that success wasn’t complicated, and to be successful was a choice he could make.

Rick begins the book with a war time quote by Winston Churchill that is complete truth.

Hoping and praying for success was fine, but deserving it is what really mattered. – Winston Churchill

How true is it that?  It doesn’t matter how bad we want something, it comes down to what we have done to make it happen.  That’s the truth.  But yet we live in a society where we demand everything now and we are unhappy when we don’t get what we want instantaneously.  Understand that good things are going to come your way if you work consistently and strategically for it.

Pitino laid out 10 Steps for Success:

  1. Build Self-Esteem – We can’t get anywhere without it, but we have to be honest with ourselves about where it comes from.
  2. Set Demanding Goals – Goals are the steps to pursue our dreams.  This is how we grow.
  3. Always Be Positive – You can be extremely hard working but if you aren’t positive you are inhibiting your chance at success. Plus the journey is less rewarding.
  4. Establish Good Habits – Success can be hard.  But if it’s built on good habits, it won’t be because doing what needs to be done is second nature.
  5. Master the Art of Communication – Good skills are essential.  All of them start with listening.  I went deeper on this in a previous blog, Connections and Connecting.
  6. Learn From Role Models – Others have laid out a road to success for whatever journey you are on. Use it!
  7. Thrive From Pressure – We must differentiate between stress and pressure.  Do this right, and it can be a powerful driving force.
  8. Be Ferociously Persistent – Persistence is determining factor between who will succeed and who fails.
  9. Learn From Adversity – If you aren’t willing to learn from it, you are letting it thwart your dreams.
  10. Survive Success – Becoming successful is a process that never ends.

If you want more detail I highly recommend you check out this book.  And if you’re really looking to get some reading done check out Stronger Team’s 118 Books You Must Read. It should keep you busy for a while.