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Just Roar!


I may not be the lion, but it was left to me to give the lion’s roar. – Winston Churchill

We all want to roar, whatever that roar may be.  Know what your roar is.  The common belief is the idea that I have to if I have what it takes, based on who I am now, to do what I really want to do.  The answer to this is no, that isn’t the case.  Just start doing it.  If you need to roar like a lion, it isn’t necessary to analyze whether you am a lion.  Just roar. The other option wastes energy that would be much better being applied to make your roar as powerful as possible.

We miss this fact of life: action doesn’t care who you are. – Steve Chandler

So act now.  In the wild, that is what matters.  Can you become a lion in this very moment? Unlikely.  But how loud can you roar?