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The Single Best Piece of Nutrition Advice

You have been lied to when it comes to your nutrition and what is healthy.  Two of the most common examples of this are the low calorie snack pack or the idea of low fat options for fatty snacks.  What we have done is taken food and modified it so that it is not food anymore.   That is a a problem, not a solution.  It is scary that we as a society are calling that healthy.

So this is the advice I am offering.  Just eat real food.  Look at the ingredients list, it should be short and sweet, not something that looks like the periodic table.

“I can’t pronounce them, much less put them in my body” – Brett Klika

Calorie counting is a common strategy and does work well in large amounts.  If you eat way too many, you will be putting on the pounds.  However, to say all calories are the same is wrong.  Your car won’t run the same, or at all, if you fill your tank with the wrong liquid.  Same goes for your body and calories.

“Quit counting calories and start counting quality.” – Brett Klika

So look for the ingredient list.  If you can’t find one even better.  Try looking for one on an apple.  It might be a little shocking, but there won’t be one, because, well…it’s an apple.  That’s a good thing.  Now go to that 100 Calorie Snack Pack, maybe a couple good ingredients interspersed with a long list of chemicals.  Chemicals are put into food to increase your appetite.   You can’t eat just one, right? That is by design, processed food goes through the chemical process so you will eat and thus buy more.  It is once this process began that diseases of spread in modern times.  The new ‘healthy foods’ may be the exact opposite of what they are claimed to be.

Just eat real food.