“BE willing to DO what it takes to HAVE what you want” – Shawnee Harle

I got the opportunity to learn from Shawnee Harle this past weekend.  She is the Assistant Coach with our Canadian Basketball SWNT, and you should check her consulting company out called ‘Winning Matters’, because let’s face it that’s the truth.  The course was on building a basketball practice throughout a season, but there were many life lessons to be picked up from her and in a very specific order they are presented below.

Eat that frog!  This means that you have to do the hardest thing first.  The frog is that thing you don’t want to do, it is what you procrastinate on.  But if you don’t eat the frog now, it’s going to stay there and you will keep thinking about it and before you know it the frog has grown into a hairy tarantula, and there is no way you’re going to eat that, so it stays on your plate for tomorrow and wouldn’t you know it, you wake up the next day and that frog is still there.

The importance of a regular fitness routine!  Yes that probably goes along with eating that frog because you know it is something you need to do.  It can never be stressed enough how important it is to move, sweat and challenge yourself in new ways.  It can be tough with so many things going on but it is one of the things we can control and thus makes it a great way to perform self discipline.

Listen to your instincts!  It’s that voice in your head, that feeling in your heart and it is probably telling you to do something uncomfortable.  So do something uncomfortable. Be. Do. Have. Remember?

Adapt.. Or Die!  The snake that does not lose it’s skin shall perish.  It is not enough to be leading the pack, you must continue to run, because the minute you slow down or take a rest, the pack runs you over.

Wonder and Wonder! What, why, how? Be a life long learner as you go along your path and journey.  It is the game of life that is really to be pursued so keep your mind, your heart, and your soul open.

Meticulous planning and preparation! Without this you can’t expect to to win but with this you can win and you’ve earned the right to believe you can win.  Preparation is one of the controllables, yet so many things aren’t, so you must be precise with your preparation. “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”

Think outside the box….is so cliche….crush the damn box! Why are you even in the box in the first place?  Steve Nash was never in a box because he was the opposite of what an NBA player should be and he was an MVP.

Gameface! You cannot pick confidence, it isn’t a characteristic or a trait, it is an emotion.

Tough love! This goes for others but I truly believe it is important for this to apply for yourself as well.  Everyone needs something in their life with the guts to push them to their goals, dreams and aspirations.  It is more important to give them what they need then what they want, again this goes with yourself as well since the best learning is reflective learning.  Do you want the truth or harmony? Harmony isn’t the way to the podium, you get their with truth and love.  What they/you want is ice cream, what they/you need is vegetables.

“Wanting to be great, to be a winner, to stay at the top isn’t special.. Doing, not wanting is special.” BE. DO. HAVE.


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